The art of God-consciousness has millions of names in mystic terms. It has to do with rhythm and reality. When the body is in rhythm, there is ease. When the body, or any part of the body goes out of rhythm, there is dis-ease.
Yogi Bhajan
Welcome and Sat Nam. 
Karamaat Healing integrates Eastern and Western healing modalities to give whole-person benefits
and offer complementary pathways to wellbeing.  My unique approach combines Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Yogic Therapy, as well as mind-body centered psychotherapy. 
Karamaat is an ancient Punjabi word that translates into "Divine Miracles".  And I truly believe that our lives, our families, our bodies, and our purposes are miraculous and divinely inspired. It is with this conviction that I commit to our mutual journey to move beyond dis-ease, imbalances, and blockages - to healing, wellness and vitality. 
I look forward to meeting and working with you soon. 

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