Hi, I’m Daisy and I founded Karamaat Healing in order to fulfill my life’s mission, which is: to be a brilliant and giving force of healing, love, and prosperity to all. 

For you see, I truly know that within the core of all our souls, we all have a unique light to shine ~ an uplifting light with its own frequency and expression of love and benevolence ~ that seeks fulfillment throughout our lifetime.  

However, from time to time, our journeys will be affected by challenges; challenges in the form of dis-ease, mental and emotional issues, as well as energetic blockages, that may impair our quality of life.  
And so I’ve dedicated my own life to discovering and mastering the methods that have “stood the test of time”; those that provide a holistic and integrative answer to most mind, body, and spirit ailments: Reiki Healing, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and Yogic Therapy.   
Since beginning my professional career, I’ve sought ways to integrate a mind/body/spirit approach in all of my treatments and patient-centered care.
For over 10 years, I've worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at City of Hope, a national medical center for cancer and diabetes, where I've provided standard psychosocial care, and also been able to offer Reiki healing to selected patients as an adjunct therapeutic modality to their medical care. 
In addition to working with patients of City of Hope, I’ve also been able to bring healing to the administrators, doctors, and other staff by leading employee wellness workshops (i.e., teaching yogic and meditation methods), as well as creating and teaching a weekly Employee Yoga Class.  
Prior to joining City of Hope, I worked with community mental health agencies serving adults and children with far ranging challenges including emotional and behavioral health, and developmental disabilities.
I obtained my Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Southern California in 2004 with an emphasis on Mental Health and Older Adults.
My Eastern healing training has evolved in tandem with my professional career.
I received my Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher certification training in 2006 at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. While going through my teacher training, I felt the strong calling to raise the knowledge of yoga and meditation in the Spanish-speaking community. For this reason, I began teaching at community centers in Los Angeles and later at The Awareness Center in Pasadena. 
I’ve also been a traditional Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist since 2011 after studying under Suren Shrestha – Master and Teacher of Sound Healing and founder of the Atma Buti School, and assisting Master Singing Bowl Therapist Guru Bachan Kaur. I often incorporate the vibrational healing of the bowls into my Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes as well as my Reiki healing sessions.
In 2012 I became a certified 3rd Degree Reiki Healer by directly training under Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, Reiki Master and Trainer; and founder of The Healing Source, LLC based in Phoenix, Arizona. I sought and obtained this formal energy healing training after acknowledging and listening to a calling within me that I had previously ignored. I share this as a reminder that it is in deep listening that we often find the answers to the next steps of our path. 
Most recently, in 2015, I created daisyyogini.com as a means to share my spiritual journey through the blogs and videos I’ve posted. 
I am so honored to share bits of my journey with you. Every step has prepared me to be available to you now. In the highest of service, I look forward to joining you in your own journey and path clearing!

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