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Evolving Out Loud!

Sat Nam!

Earlier this month I attended Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud event, which I like to refer to as a meeting of kindred spirits. Kyle Cease is a transformational leader who blends comedy and his unique insights into the human will and creative potential to transform his audience into becoming and giving more of their true authentic and creative selves.

Needless to say, I came out feeling grateful and blessed to have shared this miraculous experience with so many amazing people -- people who also had committed to reconnect to their purpose and to choose to live and share their higher calling as their way of life.

However, that feeling of peace and connection I felt during the event began to dissipate as I got back into my daily routines and habits. Thankfully, I heard a little voice whisper into my consciousness, “You have to choose differently”. And so I want to share with you a reflection about the day following the event that I now use to anchor myself to become more present to the moment.

So the day after the event I went back to work to face multiple meetings and countless of important demands. And while I started enthusiastically, somewhere along the day, I began to have an internal opinion of how my day should beand began to create resistance to all my scheduled meetings and demands. I remember thinking that I could be using my time more creatively somewhere else. And while that might have been true, I do know that a very important lesson was at work for my evolvement – that I could practice choosing a more empowering emotion, rather than allowing the circumstances to choose for me.

So I decided to listen to the voice that was asking me to choose differently….

* I remembered that years ago being in those meetings and having such demands were but a dream.

* I decided to recognize each of those I was meeting with as people with their own higher calling and contributions to make.

* I began to remember that the conversations we were having needed to occur for the positive change to occur.

* And most importantly, I remembered to be grateful for having such an opportunity, for those souls in my presence, and for that little voice that was asking me to choose differently.

The awareness that unfolded created a much needed sensory experience that lifted the heaviness that had settled in my gut and chest. Usually when there is heaviness in our bodies, especially in the gut and in the chest, it’s because we’ve been constricting the flow of breath. And so I proceeded to take really long deep breaths, long inhales and long exhales. And with each exhale I noticed a much needed release of the judgments I had created during the day.

As I’ve now become aware and committed to choosing the “gifts” presented in my daily work I now also challenge you to reflect upon your own daily challenges at work, and life in general, and try recognizing these as gifts that can empower you to evolve and transform.

For one thing I know for sure is that there’ll continue to be many more circumstances that will challenge all of us to choose a more empowering way to proceed.

After all, isn’t that what life is all about?!

Much love!

May you continue to Blossom, Shine, and Thrive!

Daisy Rivera

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