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Shakti and Bhakti ~ Our Feminine Super Powers!

Sat Nam,

I’d like to begin this blog with the following question: what do the following women have in common?

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Natasha Ramanova (Black Widow from The Avengers), Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Princess Merida (Disney’s Brave).

Well, you may have correctly answered that they’re all contemporary fictional super-women known for their determined spirit and awesome “kick-butt” fighting skills. But more importantly, I believe, these women exemplify the courage, strength, and fortitude inspired by real world warriors and fighters; women who have boldly faced or are facing unwarranted trials and challenges; extraordinary heroines like yourselves.

Now, ancient yogic wisdom also teaches that besides the formidable abilities noted above, we, as women, have a particularly magnificent ability to positively influence and shape our lives, bodies, and environment. And that ability comes through our divine feminine energies known as Shakti and Bhakti.

Essentially, Shakti and Bhakti are two distinguishable creative powers within every woman that can be defined as follows:

• Shakti refers to the power of the universe that gives women the strength and courage to be fearless and natural agents of change.

• Bhakti refers to devotion, selflessness, humility and reverence; it is this power that reminds us to be of service to higher causes and purposes.

In essence, Shakti and Bhakti are the perfect duality of our highest nature: strength and tenderness; courage and humility; influence and devotion. And when we become aware of these essences and subtle powers, we can then channel them to not only heal any and all pain and dis-ease, but also harness their energy to positively influence our bodies, our reality, and ourselves.

And so how can we call upon these innate powers so we can willfully integrate them in our daily living and being? Well, I know of no other more effective method than through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. And for almost 2 decades now I’ve been practicing and teaching this powerful yoga to others not only at City of Hope, where I’m the Geriatric Oncology Social Work Program Leader, but throughout other yoga studios and community centers in and around Los Angeles. Yogi Bhajan, a master of this technology from India, brought this yoga to us in 1969.

One of the most powerful meditations taught to us by Yogi Bhajan is commonly referred to as the “Kundalini Bhakti Meditation (Adi Shakti Namo Namo)”, which utilizes a devotional mantra (sacred sound recitation) to invoke the universal feminine creative power and awaken the Shakti and Bhakti powers within us.

In my accompanying video to this blog, I’ll guide you through this beautiful meditation so you, too, can begin to immediately connect and intentionally apply these sacred super forces to heal any and all dis-eases, dissolve limiting belief thoughts, and radiantly charge your entire being so that you can continue to face all of life’s challenges (and evil villains

) with renewed hope, vigor, strength, and courage.

May you always Blossom, Shine, and Thrive!

Daisy Rivera


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